Saturday, October 23, 2021


Corporate “Wellness” clinics and franchise arrangements may soon dominate the marketplace for Chiropractic treatments. Aggressive marketing while diminishing the real risks of treatment hallmarks, are the voracious drive to get the punters in the door. 
Once you are in the door, upselling is the name of the game. 

Unhappy with the outcome? Well too bad-you didn’t read the fine print when you signed on? It should be appreciated that these clinics operate to a “set play”, delivered by practitioners trained to a formula. The delivery is fast track with the predictable simplicity of a “one size fits all” formula. 

The clinics are almost exclusively motivated by profit and characterised by an “off the shelf” approach. It may be worth asking who owns the clinic. The answer is more than likely to be a Chiropractic entrepreneur, struck-off from international regulatory boards, replicating the same formula in Australia. 

Targeting the inexperienced, excited apprentice, motivated by the promise of success and financial reward, the formula then replicates and becomes scalable. Like “Fast Food Chains” they may well succeed but the stomach is far more forgiving than the Spine. 

Discerning patients are not seduced by the lure of cheap end entrepreneurs with highly indigestible outcomes.

by Dr Vivienne Brimelow (Chiropractor & Health Writer)

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